The River Is Everywhere

I have recently finished the manuscript of my second novel, an upper YA adventure and coming-of-age story, called The River Is Everywhere. I am currently seeking a publisher for this book.

Literary fiction with occasional hints of magical realism, The River Is Everywhere is set mainly in the Massachusetts Berkshires and New Brunswick, Canada. It tells the story of Ernest Benoit, a high school honors student from a devout Catholic Franco-American family, whose life is set on an unexpected and challenging path after his best friend, John Delaney, drowns while they are surfing together on Cape Cod.

John’s death makes Ernest question everything he once believed in, most especially God. He stops attending Mass and gets into trouble at school, but rather than going along with his parents’ plan to transfer him to an elite all-boys boarding school, Ernest buys a bus ticket to New York.

After surviving a fiery crash on the way to the city, Ernest saves a 7-year-old girl from being murdered by her foster mother. While attempting to reunite the girl with her birth mother, a lonely middle-aged woman named Ann Clarke who had given them a place to stay sexually assaults Ernest. When Ann threatens them with a gun to prevent them from leaving, CL manages to remove the ammunition clip from her weapon and they escape into the night.

The next morning, exhausted and chilled to the bone, Ernest and the girl, who he nicknames CL, meet Roland Laliberté, a modern-day adventurer and coureur des bois who makes a living playing poker, can shoot a bottle cap out of a tree from 50 yards away, and lives in a handmade log cabin with a pet bear named Maurice.

Roland treats Ernest like a son, teaching him how to shoot a rifle, hunt for food and drive a car. When Ann Clarke falsely accuses Ernest of rape, Roland sneaks him and CL over the Canadian border to protect Ernest from the police until the allegations can be proved untrue. But as Ernest settles into life on Roland’s family’s farm, it soon it becomes unclear who has saved whom, and whether Ernest will ever be able to return home.

Check back soon for more information about this book’s publication and release.

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